sibari balsamic cream flavors
pescado vinagre balsamico
vinagre de modena horeca
asado vinagre modena
monodosis vinagre de modena

Balsamic Vinegar Creams

Sibari is a 100% Spanish company, 100% innovative and 100% specialising in the development of this category, that arises with the goal of bringing customers closer to new ways of providing flavour, colour and quality to food.  Sibari balsamic vinegar creams are a benchmark for quality in the category of dressing.

Data on gourmet-products market show that there is a consolidated demand. The category of BALSAMIC VINEGAR CREAMS AND DRESSING  is one of the categories that will have higher growth and development.

Sibari beats the competition in quality, both in raw materials and production processes. Its values meet, to a large extent, the consumers’ values.

Sibari ” Source of flavour and pleasure”.

balsamic vinegar cream gluten free
raspberry balsamic vinegar

RASPBERRY balsamic vinegar

Food product from raspberry extract and white wine balsamic vinegar.

apple balsamic vinegar

APPLE balsamic vinegar

Food product from apple extract and white wine balsamic vinegar.

modena balsamic vinegar

MODENA balsamic vinegar

Food product from concentrated grape must and Modena balsamic vinegar.

Sibari Alimentación de Apicio, S.L.